Intervista a Gabriella Lavorgna del Conte Federico Wardal, membro Biblioteca Alessandrina

Italian Friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Rome Aug 26th 2018. Ph.D. Gabriella Lavorgna : west meets East on St. Francis Path for a new Peace civilization. Mrs. Lavorgna hosted this important event linked with the goals of B.A. and her Mandir per la Pace in her cultural salon in the residential Olgiata ( Rome ) presenting also her last book “ The mirror of the soul “ . Lavorgna , important activist for Peace, from more than 20 years constantly produced that event in Assisi ( where St. Francis was born ) and Rome , where the Franciscan Universal Love was totally rejected by the religious authorities at his time. St. Francis created a concrete dialogue between Christians and Muslims through the king of Egypt El Kamel. This event celebrated the 800 anniversary of St. Francis and Kind Kamel. Lavorgna was a special guest of the Library of Alexandria by the Italian Friends of the B.A. donating a precious collection of books concerning the solid bridge created by St. Francis between Christians and Muslims. This is an exclusive interview for Count Wardal TV Show ( SF BAVC channel first and third Tuesday of each month 5pm SF time life and channel rebroadcasting on Monday at 11pm SF time )


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